Saengil Chukkhae, uri Sooyoungie

Dear our beloved one,


Time flies so fast,
From a girl to a lady
Today is your birthday,
I just wanna say a simple word…

For the one who makes me love all your member

snsdFor my role model, and also the best real model I’ve ever seen

sooyoung snsd

For our Cheerful Princess that always makes us laugh and love her more day by day



yoonyulyoungFor the best actress Lee Euijin :’)third hospiital euijinFor the best MC and Radio DJ
That always surprises us

hanbamThe most fashionable girl

fashion airportThe most gorgeous lady that always loves us,


For the brightest star,snsd sooyoung

생일을 축하합니다
생일을 축하합니다
사랑해 우리 수영 언니

생일을 축하합니다!!!!

SONE Love you! SYster Love You!!
The precious Angel in this world,
choi sooyoung

Happy Birthday!!! ^^
We Wish You all the best
and God bless you always

You make our life complete <3


5 thoughts on “Saengil Chukkhae, uri Sooyoungie

  1. sengil chukkae uri shikshin….
    semaleman aku udh berkhayal kemana mana, krn siwon dtng ke konser snsd, keluarga syoo juga dtng… Mereka pasti ngerayain ultahnya syoo trus kaya pertemuan keluarga ngebhas hbungan soowon,, i’m going crazy….

  2. seneng banget ada postan ini :D
    Numpang ngucapin chingu :D hehehe

    Happy Birthday Sooyoungieeeee :* :) the girl who has a beautiful heart… Sone and especially Sooyoungster always love and support you..

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